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Worry on  monthly high utility bill payment?
Let's share with us, we bare on it! Yes you're right, Wah Lee Group rebate up to RM200 on your monthly utility bill payment with only SNAP and Submitting by using Wah Lee Group apps. How easy! Purchase RM1500 and above with selected category electrical appliances from any of Wah Lee Group outlet for entitlement. Follow us, We make an exclusive event promotion exspecially for SMORE PLUS member privilage. Saving and provide solution is our main concern to our value customer. You're one of it! you're GOOD to go.
Enjoy the way make purchase with enjoy the exclusive promotion that organised by Wah Lee Group. 
You're buying the value and exclusiveness, at Wah Lee Group....... you're good to go. 
SNAP and Rebate Terms and Conditions


   Please ensure your receipts meet the following criterion:


  1. Snap & Rebate campaign is absolute dedicated for SMORE PLUS member exclusivity who purchase at Wah Lee Group Chain Store transaction only.
  2. Transaction in single receipt by purchase of selected items, selected amount, selected product category, selected brands by using WLG SMART APP uploading utilities receipts.
  3. For every uploaded utility bill, the correct name, contacts, SMORE PLUS number, Tax Invoice number and amount must be input in specified column as provided.
  4. The max claim of RM200 rebate limited for each & every SMORE PLUS members who purchase during from 16th Feb 2017 until 31st March 2017.
  5. Customers are only allowed to upload either TNB bill or ASTRO bill depends on which product category purchased.
  6. The Registered Name, Address, Receipt No. /Account No. /Invoice No. /Bill No., Date/ Utility Bill Amount must be clearly visible on submitted bill.
  7. Utility bill uploaded on WLG APP subjected purchases meant for self-consumption.
  8. WLG SMART APP ADMIN will track and tally with SMORE PLUS information given (either by Name or Address)
  9. Submitted utility bill image must be of the original physical bill in possession.
  10. Latest monthly Utility Bills of Electricity and Satellite Television Subscription such as ASTRO.
  11. WLG reserved all right to reject any act in accordance with any disagreement upon submission.
  12. WLG’s decision is final without prejudice shall not further prior notice which are necessary.
  13. WLG, WLG APP, SMORE PLUS meant Wah Lee Group. Entire products, promotion, mechanism, POSM fully owned by Wah Lee Group Chain Store S/B.



Below is the list of ineligible receipts for Snap & Rebate campaign:


1) Latest monthly Utility Bills (Internet Subscription, Insurance, Education Fees, any form of Subscription Fees, Government-Related Services and Etc.)

2) Postage Bills (Pos Laju, GDex, DHL, Fedex and Etc.)

3) Clinic and Hospital bills (Only eligible in Malaysia).

4) Bills That Bear Touch-N-Go and/or Banks' Logos

5) Receipts from transactions involving Travel & Tour 

6) Currency Exchange Receipts

7) Automobiles Purchases, Maintenance and Modification

8) Lottery Tickets, 4D, 6D and Etc.

9) Parking Tickets.

10) Prepaid Top up Slips.

11) Online Shopping.

12) Construction Material Receipts.

13) Public Transport Tickets and Monthly Passes.

14) Banquet Receipts.

15) Pawn Shop Receipts.

16) Any Invoices from transactions of business-to-business nature.

17) Any form of Recreational Entrance Receipts

18) Any form of Deposit Payment Receipts.

19) Handwritten Receipts.


Snap & Rebate campaign claim will be rebate into your monthly utility bill payment meant the rebate amount will be paid by Wah Lee Group based on the respective utility bill account ID and amount having undergone exacting verification. This will take a MAXIMUM of 7 working days to process by ADMIN.


Snap & Rebate campaign only exclusive rewarded for SMORE PLUS member (Wah Lee Group loyalty program) of purchases made solely for self-consumption such as bulk purchase, corporate purchase …etc. are strictly ineligible.


Snap & Rebate campaign structure may be subject to change from time to time as determined by Wah Lee Group. You are not allowed to manipulate and commit any fraudulent activities while using Wah Lee Group apps via the Snap & Rebate campaign. Wah Lee Group reserves the right to block or suspend user accounts indefinitely without prior notice if the user is found to commit certain discrepancies and/or non-conformation to our Terms & Conditions.


Wah Lee Group reserved all right to make changes without prior notice which are necessary.

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