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Extended Warranty
Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

- The Extended Warranty Plan provides coverage for parts and labour in respect on the Product stated on the Sales Order / Sales Invoices for covered inherent mechanical and electrical breakdown only. Coverage is concurrent with and extends beyond the Original Manufacturer's Warranty, and will commence upon expiry of the Original Manufacturer's Warranty and is provided only insofar as the obligations of the manufacturer are concerned. Period of coverage is subject to payment of the applicable fee for the Extended Warranty Plan selected.
- Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown shall mean the breaking or burning out (electrical) of any parts of the Covered Product arising from mechanical or electrical defect, causing sudden stoppage of their functions, necessitating repair or replacement.
- If this Extended Warranty is purchased for a computer system, this Plan covers the following components if purchased at the same time. - i.e. all internal components resident within the computer system casing, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers.
- On-site service charges for repairs are covered only if the original manufacturer's warranty states on-site service. Otherwise, the customer will pay on-site service charges.

Product Eligibility
The Extended Warranty Plan may only be purchased upon purchase of a Product and only covers a Product which
- Is purchased new from Wah Lee Group
- Is manufactured for use in Malaysia;
- Included at the time of purchase the manufacturer's complete and original warranty is valid in Malaysia;
In the case of consumer products such as electronics and major appliances, the use is or has been limited to domestic and personal use. Office products such as facsimile machines, copiers, scanners, printers and computers are covered for office, domestic and personal use.

For Repairs
- If the manufacturer's warranty period for the Product has not expired, contact the manufacturer or their Authorised Repairer directly.
- If the manufacturer's warranty period has expired and the Extended Warranty Plan is in effect, call us during office hours for product repair authorization. Repairs must only be carried out by Wah Lee Group

Authorised Repair Center
- It shall be a term of this Extended Warranty Plan that in the event of a breakdown that may give rise to a claim for Repairs under this Plan, the equipment covered under this Plan must be presented to the Authorised Repairer within the covered period and in any case, within fourteen (14) days of the happening such event.
- For all repairs, the sales order / cash sales document and this certificate for the product must be presented.
- Consult your manufacturer's instructions to determine if the failure to operate is due to circumstances that may be corrected by yourself. (If the breakdown is not covered by the Extended Warranty, you will be charged for the cost of the repair.)

Cancellation of Plan
Cancellation of this Extended Warranty is applicable only when the Product is returned or exchanged by Wah Lee Group within 15 days from date of purchase.
This Extended Warranty Plan shall terminate immediately with no refund of the extended warranty fee in the event of any of the following:
- Subsequent sale of the Product when no written request to transfer this Extended Warranty Plan to the new owner has been received by Wah Lee Group.
- Repossession of the Product sold.
- Discovery of fraud or material misrepresentation: and
- Unauthorised repair or replacement of covered products.
- Commercial use of the product when ineligible.
If the customer disposes of the Product during the term of this plan, coverage will cease.

Limitation of Indemnity
- The repair or replacement cost of the Component or Part (including labour charges) up to the product original purchase price as stated in the Extended Warranty Certificate or Invoice whichever is lower or in total for all claims in the aggregate up to the maximum repair coverage per product covered.
- Wah Lee Group will replace your product with one of like kind and quality if it is not repairable or beyond economic repair. Any replacement of your covered product in its entirety shall fulfill all Wah Lee Group obligations under your Extended Warranty, and Wah Lee Group shall have no further obligations for the remainder of the term of this Plan, if any.

Transfer of Ownership
This Plan may be transferred to any subsequent owner of the Product by submitting in writing or contact Nationwide Service Hotline within 10 days of product transfer date to notify the name and address of the new owner. In case the Product covered under the Extended Warranty Plan is replaced directly by the manufacturer, the customer must submit to Wah Lee Group the manufacturer's delivery receipt and serial number of the new product within 10 days of the transaction. 

Coverage Exclusions - This contract does not provide coverage for:
1. Appearance or structural items, such as housing, glass of any description, paint, color, case or frame, finishing, cosmetic parts, decorative parts or parts designated to be replaced periodically during the life of the product (consumables), add-on items, non operation item, accessories or attachments, external wiring and cabling, all type of batteries and battery chargers, external hoses of any description, door assembly, door gasket, racks, bins, bulbs of any description, fuses, knobs, handles, antennas, remote control, stylus.

2. Panel screen crack or broken or damage or damage causes by human being (eg. shock circuit by water) or dead line not more than 3 lines or scratch or dented or chip off (by any mean).  Any kind of image burn (burnt mark) or image retention or color faded.

3. The cost of routine maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, adjustments or alignments.

4. Appearance or structural items, such as housing, case or frame, decorative parts or parts designated to be replaced periodically during the life of the product, add-on items, accessories or attachments, external wiring and cabling, battery charges, racks, bins, knobs, handles antennas, remote control, battery, memorystick.

5. Products with removed or altered serial numbers

6. Loss, or damage or breakdown caused by or in consequence of :
- disregard of the manufacturer's operating instructions
- modifications or servicing not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Damage caused by unauthorised repair or replacement of covered products shall result in the cancellation of this plan.
- incorrect electricity supply or any defect due to the incorrect installation or maintenance of electrical system
- any accidental or external means
- wilful act or wilful negligence of the user
- breakdown caused by computer virus or realignment to products. Defects resulting directly and/or indirectly from software installation and removal are also excluded.
- usage of parts not recommended or manufactured by the original manufacturer
- normal wear and tear accessories

- compressor gas refill
- corrosion or rust
- modifications of any kind not recommended by the Service Contract Holder, the original manufacturer or the Approved Dealer/Repairer

7. Any damage to the exterior or non-offending or cosmetic items of the Covered Product, including but not limited to paint or product finishes, cords and connectors.

8. Any damage whilst the Covered Product is in unaccompanied transit.

9. Any costs incurred where no fault is found or the fault is not covered under this Policy.

10. Any loss, damage, breakdown caused by or resulting from :
- problems or defects due to lack of maintenance as required by the manufacturer.
- repairs, replacement of electrical cables, adapters and all consumable items such as batteries;
- commercial usage (except for office products) as identified in the Extended Warranty.
- Reception &/or transmission problems resulting from external causes, modem or data transfer devices.

11. Any loss, damage, breakdown caused by the Covered Product to peripherals or other products not part of the system sold.

12. Loss incurred by persons or parties other than the Service Contract Holder and the Approved Dealer/Repairer.

13. Financial loss of any kind not restricted to interest charges.

14. Loss caused by or arising out of :
- war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or nor), civil war, rebellion, revolution, mutiny, riot, strike, lock-out, civil commotion, military of usurped power, a group of malicious persons or persons acting on behalf of or in connection with any political organisation, conspiracy, confiscation, commandeering, requisition or destruction or damage by order of any government de jure or de facto or by any public authority;
- nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination;
- Wilful act or wilful negligence of the Service Contract Holder , his employees or his representatives.

15. Loss of use or other consequential loss of any nature.

16. Any defects which are subject to a manufacturer's recall or which are covered under a manufacturer's program of reimbursement.

17. Damage by fire, theft, burglary, accident or intentional damage, neglect, misuse or abuse. Damage resulting from external causes such as a dropped product, collision with an object. Acts of God including but not limited to earthquake, storm tempest, sand, water, flood, rising water, lightning, malicious damage, aircraft, vehicle impact, corrosion, battery leakage, power outages or surges, inadequate or improper voltage, or current, animal or insect infestation.

18. Any accessory or equipment such as software peripherals, operating system, and batteries and/or add-on options. Examples include but are not limited to consumables such as toner, drums, belts, tapes, diskettes or software and add-on options. The following are not covered: product repairs which should be covered by a manufacturer's warranty regardless of whether the manufacturer honors such warranty, repairers warranty or any other warranty in effect. Burned phosphor in CRT, any consequential damages, or any damage to recording media including any program, data of setup information resident on any mass storage devices such as hard drives, CD-ROM devices, floppy diskettes, tape drives or tape backups, as a result of the malfunctioning or damage of an operating part, or as a result of any repairs or replacement under this Extended Warranty. The Extended Warranty holder is responsible for backing up all computer software prior to commencement of any repairs. Any devices and upgrade options are excluded in this Extended Warranty. Any additional accessories that do not come with the original computer set and all sub-components, which includes wires, cables, printer, scanner. photo-imaging device, and external modem.

19. Removal and re-installation or on-site service unless specifically included in your policy or costs when no covered defect is found. Additional charge may be added to the customer for on-site servicing.

20. If the product is moved out of the country of purchase, it will not be covered by this Extended Warranty.

21. Any failure, malfunction, detect, inoperability, breakdown, disruption or stoppage of the product or any product functions or the function of any related components caused by, arising from or related to, directly or indirectly any design, planning or engineering incompatibility, omission or deficiency with the incidence of the Year 2000. 

22. Repairs where prior authorisation has not been obtained.


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