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Rebate Plus
Rebate on your purchase
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What is Rebate Plus?

Rebate Plus brings you cash rebate offers on the transaction when you make payment on the products. All the available rebate amount and status will state clearly, so you can always plan when to use the cash rebate. Of cause, you may not use it in short time, but don’t worry those rebate amount are valid for up to 6 months depending on the validity shown on the customer’s end.

Why using Rebate Plus?

With Rebate Plus transaction made, is the quick and easy way to pay with your smartphone on your purchase up to few percent cashback for your second purchase at Wah Lee Group. No more swiping cards or counting cash.

Where can I use Rebate Plus?

You can easily use Rebate Plus at Wah Lee Group’s branches or participating merchant outlet. We will keep update inside the app for any new merchant joining us.

How to use Rebate Plus?

Just pick items and ask to pay with Rebate Plus. Our staff will show you a QR code, please scan it and complete the payment. You will see the rebate amount that you earn once the payment is done. All the rebate value may vary by promotion, so please confirm with our staff for the latest promotion. you're GOOD to go.
Enjoy the way make purchase with enjoy the additional rebate, how nice is it!
Only at Wah Lee Group provide this rebate benefits to the customer, you're good to go. 

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