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What is the SMORE PLUS member?
The SMORE PLUS is a membership and reward programme operated by Wah Lee Chain Store Sdn. Bhd. and co-branding with Touch n Go company. With the SMORE PLUS card member, you earn points and rebates when you shop at Wah Lee Group's outlet, redeem gifts with SMORE PLUS point, exclusive invitation from Wah Lee Group for exclusive promotion during member month, merchant discount and heaps benefits to be enjoy. you're GOOD to go.
Enjoy the way make purchase with enjoy the exclusive ultimate rewards programme, how nice is it!
Only at  Wah Lee Group loyalty programme SMORE PLUS exclusiveness privilege, you're good to go. 

Frequent Ask Questions

1. How do I sign up as an SMORE PLUS CARD MEMBER?

You may sign up for an SMORE PLUS Card at any of our Wah Lee Chain Store Sdn Bhd’s outlet by completing the application form together with one (1) year membership fee of Thirty-Six Ringgit Malaysia (RM36.00) Only which inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST).


2. How does the one (1) years membership renewal at the special price promotion work?

You may sign up or renew as an SMORE PLUS CARD member for one (1) years and pay the sum of Fifteen Ringgit Malaysia (RM15.00) Only which inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST).Normal membership fee for one (1) years is Ringgit Malaysia Thirty Six (RM36.00) Only which inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST).


3. What are the benefits that I enjoy when I apply or renew my SMORE PLUS Card?

As an SMORE PLUS member, you will enjoy privileged shopping, promotions and discounts in our store and wide selections of merchants all over Malaysia, gift redemptions, rebate and point collection, special priced items, FREE SMORE PLUS Points, exclusive birthday rewards, Member-Get-Member rewards, Touch ’n Go and earn extra SMORE PLUS Points.


4. How will I know the expiration of my current SMORE PLUS Card?

SMORE PLUS Card member can check the expiration of the membership through mobile application or visit the nearest outlet for enquiries.


5. Can I use my SMORE PLUS Card Points to redeem the ‘1 year membership renewal at the special price’ promotion?

No, SMORE PLUS Points cannot be converted for this renewal promotion.


6. How do I renew my SMORE PLUS membership?

You can renew your SMORE PLUS Card at any of our outlet by filling up the Renewal Form together with a renewal fee of RM15.00 / 1 year for 2 years at RM30 only which inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST). You may collect the SMORE PLUS Card immediately.


7. My SMORE PLUS Card will expire. Is it possible to renew my SMORE PLUSCard online?

Currently, we do not accommodate any online renewal as we encourage you to visit our nearest outlet.


8. If I renew my membership before the date of expiry, what will the next expiry date be?

The expiry date of your renewed membership will follow the same month and day as your current SMORE PLUS Card. For example, if the expiry date of your current SMORE PLUS Card is 31 Jun 2016, the expiry date of your renewed SMORE PLUS Card shall be 31 Jun 2017.


9. I signed up as an SMORE PLUS at Bukit Mertajam outlet. Am I able to renew my SMORE PLUS Card at any other outlet?

All SMORE PLUS member are most welcome to renew their SMORE PLUS Card at any Wah Lee Chain Store Sdn Bhd’s outlet.


10. I recently moved to a new residence. How do I update my personal details?

You may update your personal details at any outlets.


11. How do I get a replacement for my lost SMORE PLUS Card and do I have to pay for the card replacement?

You could go to your nearest any Wah Lee Group’s outlet to report as lost and pay penalty admin fee of Fifteen ringgit (RM15) for a new card replacement.


12. How do I check my latest SMORE PLUS Point balance?

You can visit the nearest outletor check the point by our mobile application.


13. Can I still earn SMORE PLUS Points if I do not have my SMORE PLUS Card with me while shopping?

Yes, by providing your identification card (MyKad) for verification.


14. How do I earn SMORE PLUS Points?

You may present your SMORE PLUS Card when you make any purchase at any WLG’s outlet.


15. Is there any expiry date for the accumulation of SMORE PLUS Points?

Yes. It will expire after three (3) years from the year the points were accumulated. The points which were accumulated in 2015, shall be expired on 31st December 2018. We will indicate the expiry date for the particular points through short messaging services (SMS) or you can simply visit any of our outlet or mobile application for further enquiries.


16. I have accumulated SMORE PLUS Points and would like to customise my reward gifts. How should I proceed from this?

You may visit any outlet and inform the personnel of the details of the voucher you wish to redeem. Our personnel will contact you to enlighten you on the redemption point value and availability date. You may also spend the accumulated point during our Member’s Day.


17. Can I exchange my SMORE PLUS Points for cash?

No. SMORE PLUS Points can only be exchanged with gifts as listed in the current SMORE PLUS Privileges Catalogue under the section of SMORE PLUS Gift Redemption Programme.


18. I have lost my SMORE PLUS Gift Voucher. Can I get a replacement on the same?

We are sorry as we are unable to accede to your request.


19. How will I know if I am entitled for the rebates?

Eligible members will be notified through SMS or Mobile Apps. You may also enquire about the same at any WAH LEE Chain Store outlets or through theWAH LEE Chain Store website ( However, payable statutory tax is not entitled for SMORE PLUS Points collection or Rebates.


20. How can I identify/recognise specially priced items for SMORE PLUS MEMBERS?

Look out for the special SMORE PLUS MEMBER price sign. Our sales personnel would assist

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