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What is the SMORE PLUS member?
The SMORE PLUS is a membership and reward programme operated by Wah Lee Chain Store Sdn. Bhd. and co-branding with Touch n Go company. With the SMORE PLUS card member, you earn points and rebates when you shop at Wah Lee Group's outlet, redeem gifts with SMORE PLUS point, exclusive invitation from Wah Lee Group for exclusive promotion during member month, merchant discount and heaps benefits to be enjoy. you're GOOD to go.
Enjoy the way make purchase with enjoy the exclusive ultimate rewards programme, how nice is it!
Only at  Wah Lee Group loyalty programme SMORE PLUS exclusiveness privilege, you're good to go. 

Sign up Rebate
RM10 Touch n Go credit will automatically top up into SMORE PLUS membership card
No Charge
No additional charges for Touch n Go and utilities bill payment
Extra Warranty
Additional 1 year extra products warranty*
Exclusive privilege promotion for personal notifications
Redeem products or voucher from SMORE PLUS point which earn from every ringgit spend at Wah Lee Group
Exclusive Invitation
Exclusive invitation for product launching, training classes or event
Renewal Reward
Reward 100 points for SMORE PLUS membership renew
Free Delivery
FREE after sales delivery service up to 50km*
Birthday Exclusive
Earn X 2 SMORE PLUS point during birthday month on purchase
Member Month
Special event or promotion on member month
* 2 times a year
Discount from a wide selection of merchants
Free Wrapping
FREE wrapping service on your purchase for your love
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