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Extended Warranty
Terms & Conditions

Protected by

Wah Lee Group Exclusive Extended Warranty offers you peace of mind for products that you purchase from us.
We want to make sure that you enjoy your purchase for years to come and what better way than knowing you're always protected.

Cover in a nutshell
The Extended Warranty covers your products for mechanical and electrical failure, including failures caused by wear and tear, during the period of your Extended Warranty and after the expiry of any manufacturer warranty.

The Extended Warranty does not cover your products for mechanical and electrical failure during the manufacturer's warranty period or after the Extended Warranty expires.

Extended Appliance Warranties From VCare

VCare offer Extended Warranties for many types of Electrical Appliance. It doesn't matter whether the product was purchased through our VCare Authorised dealers, as long as the product still remains within its original manufacturers warranty, there's a very good chance we can get it underwritten & protected. Our Extended Warranties will protect you against breakdowns. Extended Warranties are an excellent way to continue to get good value for money and extend the life of your appliance. To establish the cost of an Extended Warranty.

Protection from Normal, Everyday Use

Repairing your average mechanical failure can cost as much as buying a new device. With V Care, you're covered includoing parts and labor.

Free In-Home Service

We will help you schedule an appointment with a local repair technician for in-home service and we will pay the technician directly.

Things to know... What is an extended warranty?

An extended warranty is the terms and conditions that coverage on the goods or mechanic breakdown. You can repair or fix it by sending to retailer or manufacturer if it is under warranty. It should be a free of charged. The same thing, when extended warranty effective from your products, it means you've extended the warranty period up to 5 years to enjoy the save on reparing cost.

It may helps you to save money when your prooducts is damage. You're right, you will save a lot of money on labor cost, parts and etc.

The Extended Warranty is available for purchase on selected products that... 
- are purchased new from any Wah Lee Group Electrical Store
- are manufactured for use in Malaysia
- include a Manufacturer's Warranty valid in Malaysia at the time you originally purchase it

Are one of the following types of products:
- a domestic product, such as a piece of electrical equipment or major appliance, designed, and used by you, for domestic or personal use only or
- an office product, such as a computer (including laptops), tablets, facsimile machine, photocopier, scanner, printer, other computer peripheral or telephone, designed, and used by you, for personal purposes or small business purposes (the business comprising a maximum of 5 people)

The Extended Warranty must be purchased at the same time as you purchase your product.

Example of how you save on Protection Plan Extended Warranty.

Why buy Extended Warranty?

Our Extended Warranty allows you to extend your electrical appliances' manufacturers' warranties up to a maximum of 5 years from the date of purchase with similar manufacturer's protection against failures and defects. 


  • Peace of Mind

  • Be assured that your electrical appliances purchased from our participating partners are protected in the event of product failure beyond the standard manufacturer's warranty period.

  • Financial Protection

  • No unexpected financial drain to replace or repair your electrical appliances upon failure.

  • 'New for Old'

  • If it is uneconomical to repair your electrical appliances, it will be replaced with the closest equivalent model.

  • Full Coverage (excluded compressor gas refill and normal wear and tear accessories)

  • Free parts replacement and repair charges

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