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Try Now, Pay Later
Terms & Conditions
3 reasons to Try Now, Pay Later
Speed nothing upfront
- That means if it's not right for you, there's no wait for  a return credit.
Get to know it before you pay for it
- Take up to 14 days to decide if it suits your needs.
No hidden charges
- We even cover the cost of delivery and returns. you're GOOD to go.
Enjoy the Try Now, Pay Later special deal right now.

Terms & Conditions

1. Wah Lee Group x Samsung 98” QLED - Try Now Buy Later "Campaign" is organized by Wah Lee Chain-Store Sdn. Bhd. (686158-K) and governed by these terms and conditions and accompanying details and guidelines (if any) as may be issued and specified by Wah Lee Group.

2. The Campaign is valid from 01 April – 30 June 2024 (Campaign Period) and only applicable to the Wah Lee Group Online for registration.

3. Customers are required to register their interest by filling in and completing the form at Wah Lee Group x Samsung 98" QLED - Try Now Buy Later.

4. The 14-day trial “Free Trial Period” of Samsung 98” QLED TV “Returnable Devices” is subject to the following:
(a) Free Trial Period is subject to payment of RM300 refundable installation & delivery fees to Wah Lee Group.
(b) The Free Trial Period shall commence from the date the Returnable Devices are delivered to the participant for free trial.
(c) The Returnable Devices shall be returned to Wah Lee Group after the Free Trial Period, in any event, not later than TWO calendar (2) days from the last day of the Free Trial Period.

5. Participants will have to provide details for verification and delivery purposes to Wah Lee Group. It is the responsibility of Participants to ensure that the details provided including email address and delivery address are correct, valid, and reachable.

6. Participants will be contacted and requested to pay the Installation & Delivery Fees. Participants who are uncontactable after 3 days of attempt and/or non-payment of the Installation Fees will be automatically disqualified from the Campaign and shall not be entitled to any payment or compensation from Wah Lee Group.

7. Participants will be contacted by Wah Lee Group to make further arrangements on the delivery date and installation details.


8. Participants shall ensure that:
(a) delivery and installation address provided shall be the same as the address given in the entry submission for this Campaign;
(b) The returnable Devices can be fitted into a designated area and delivery space (e.g. lift, staircase, etc);
(c) the Returnable Devices are not transferred/moved from the given address in which it was installed, failing which Wah Lee Group has the absolute right to disqualify Participants and claim for loss and damages arising therefrom.

Delivery and Return of Returnable Devices


9. The Returnable Devices will be delivered to the Participant for the commencement of the Free Trial Period by the agreed date, or such other period as may be determined by Wah Lee Group.

10. Participants shall acknowledge receipt of the Returnable Devices which marks the commencement of the Free Trial Period, by signing the required documents failing which Wah Lee Group reserves the absolute right not to hand over/install the Returnable Devices and/or revoke and cancel the Returnable Devices.

11. Upon the delivery and/or the acknowledgement receipt of the Returnable Devices, Participants shall be liable for any loss and damage to the Returnable Devices until the same is collected from Participants. The Participants agree to indemnify Wah Lee Group for any loss and damage arising therefrom.

12. If the Participants would like to buy or own the Returnable Devices after the Free Trial Period, the Participants may purchase a new unit via Wah Lee Group.

13. The Returnable Devices shall be returned to Wah Lee Group (in their original sellable condition i.e.functioning and free from signs of physical damage) immediately after the Free Trial Period, in any event, not later than two calendar (2) days from the last day of the Free Trial Period, failing which the Participants shall reimburse/compensate Wah Lee Group for the value of the Returnable Devices (RCP: RM33,999) and other loss and damage suffered by Wah Lee Group arising therefrom.

14. By participating in this Campaign, each participant agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

15. For any inquiries regarding the campaign, you may contact us directly via WhatsApp at HERE

16. Wah Lee Group reserves the right to amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.

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